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Titanium Armor Training

Titanium Armor Liquid glass screen protectors with full repair guarantee are a revolutionary product for phone repair stores.

Titanium Armor Liquid glass screen protectors with full repair guarantee are a revolutionary product for phone repair stores. To make sure you take advantage of this great product opportunity we strongly recommend for all staff to take some time to learn about the product and how best to educate consumers about it. We have seen outstanding sales results from stores which have spent time learning the benefits of this product and are able to present it strongly. We’ll start by clearing up some interesting facts and common questions about the product.

Why should we sell Titanium Armor over regular tempered glass?

Not only does the Titanium Armor Liquid glass protect the customers device and harden the glass to a 9H hardness level, but it also has the outstanding guarantee in which If a customer breaks their screen within 1 year they will have their screen replaced at absolutely no expense to them

Titanium Armor also gives you the opportunity to change a $20-$30 Tempered glass sale into a $69 Liquid glass sale, which boosts profits as well as providing a unique offering your your customers.

What is Liquid glass?

Silicon dioxide (SiO2) or Liquid Glass as it is more conventionally known has been developed through extensive testing and research to offer one of the most advanced nano-coatings available today.

Liquid Glass is most commonly found in natural resources such as; sand or quartz, as well as in the cell walls of diatoms (frustules). Silica is used primarily in the production of glass for windows, drinking glasses, beverage bottles, amongst many others. The majority of optical fibres for telecommunications are also made from silica and it is a also the primary raw material for many ceramics.

The experimental use of Liquid Glass, specifically nano-scale coatings began in the 1980′s. The development of commercial applications began in the early 2000s which is when advanced products and applications were born.

The flexible and breathable Liquid Glass coating is approximately 100 nanometres thick, which is 500 times thinner than a human hair, and as a result is completely invisible to the naked eye whilst offering extremely tangible benefits.

As the coating is based on pristine glass, it offers many characteristics which in effect provide huge benefits:

What are the other uses of Liquid glass?

Liquid Glass coatings are used for strengthening motorcycle helmets, protecting cars, motorcycles, buses and trucks. Alloy wheels become easy to clean and blemish free, as brake dust does not burn into the coating. Exterior body work and fuel tanks become protected by a glossy, easy to clean and abrasion resistant coating.

Liquid Glass coatings have been trialled extensively on private jets and offer various benefits depending on the surface it is applied to. In the interior of planes our coatings have been used to protect carpets and other upholstery to prevent staining and provide resistance to daily wear and tear. Other coatings are applied on the galley surfaces to enhance their appearance as coated surfaces maintain an “as good as new” look and are very easy to clean. On the exterior of the aircraft, Liquid Glass coatings have been proven to be significantly more durable than the conventional protective coatings which are currently used.

Construction material
Silicon dioxide is used widely to strengthen construction material and commercial grades of glass.

What devices can I sell liquid glass on?

The liquid glass product can be sold for any smart phone or tablet that screen repairs are available for.

What is the Registration Procedure?

When this product is purchased, customers have 30 days from the date of purchase to register their products. Registration is done via the “Warranty Life” App.
It is important to note that the warranty is not active until the product is registered. Claims will not be accepted if the customer has not registered their warranty prior to breaking their device. The Warranty Life diagnostic app allows us to confirm devices are in tact and working prior to providing coverage. The app is available for free download from the Apple or Google Play store.

If customers have a device not able to be registered using the above methods, they may be directed to warrantylife.com/signup.

How does the Product Guarantee work?

Titanium Armor liquid glass has a 1 year guarantee. Warranty Life will support a claim for any damage that might occur to the screen within the 1 year timeframe as long as the customer has registered their warranty.

For example, if a customer has the Liquid Glass product on their screen and is properly registered for coverage and their screen breaks for any reason, Warranty Life will pay  the cost of repair for their screen up to the promised amount on the retail package.

What is and isn’t covered by the guarantee?
The guarantee covers the full screen and/or LCD/OLED of the device, however does not cover any other elements of the phone, water damage or data loss. If there is other damage to the device the customer may choose to purchase any additional repairs from your repair centre e.g. battery, camera or charge port issues.

What if the Screen has Damage Before Registration?
Unfortunately, the customers cannot be supported. All customer must register prior to any claim being supported. If they have registered, they will be listed in our claims system.

Can Titanium Armor retail packages from USA, UK or Canada be sold in Australia?

Each country has unique product codes within their retail package and guarantees can only be claimed in the same country that the product is purchased from. Unfortunately due to differences in repair prices and tax implications if US Titanium Armor retail packages are imported into Australia without consent the claims for these codes will be rejected.

What is the difference between the Full guarantee product and the $100 guarantee product?
The Liquid glass within these two products are actual identical, the difference between the two SKU’s is the amount of coverage.
The full guarantee product will cover the full cost of any screen on the market, whereas the $100 guarantee product will only pay up to $100 towards claims.

What certifications does this product have?

Slickgadget liquid glass has been certified on a number of fronts including:

  • SGS
  • Reach
  • ROHS

What do those tests mean?
The tests provide documented proof the product improves the performance of the screen when properly applied in addition to being chemically safe to use.
Many competing products do not have this documentation despite making these claims. Our testing have qualified this product for use in many Tier 1 carriers in the USA and around the world.

Can I register for the customer during a purchase?
NO! It is ok to apply the product to the customers device, but you must advise them to go away and register within 30 days by following the instructions provided. Legally you cannot register for them.

If I sell Liquid Glass, can I service the claims?
Yes this is one of the great benefits of selling Titanium Armor, as a repair store you can also service the broken screen claims and get paid for the repairs.

Contact us to become an authorised service centre

Can a user delete the mobile app after registration?
Yes they can do so. We would recommend they keep a copy of their Product Serial # or email used in case we need to look them up in the future.
However all serial numbers are also kept in the warranty life portal so that it can be looked up at a later point if the customer has lost their number.

Does the user need to keep their proof of purchase receipt?
The consumer will need their proof of purchase receipt to register the warranty, however once the warranty is registered through the App they no longer need to keep the receipt as it is stored electronically.

How does a consumer make a broken screen claim?
Quite simple, as long as the consumer has registered their warranty, they can simply walk into any authorised repair centre and present their unique code to have the broken screen repaired.

How does a repair store make a broken screen claim?
Quite simple, if you are registered in the repair centre program you can make a repair claim through the Warranty life portal which takes less than 3-4 minutes.
A short video showing you how to do this can be found below.

How much do repair stores get paid for broken screen claims?

You will be supplied with a price list which displays prices for Apple and Samsung repairs. For all other repairs you will be paid Parts +10% + Labor. The parts figure is entered by the repair store when you they process the claim and the labor charge will be taken from a similar size repair job off the pricelist. Prices are based on current Australian market pricing .

You can also keep the damaged screens, to sell or refurbish to add to your profit margin.  The parts we buy cost more than what the parts are listed as on the pricelist.

Can I get paid a higher amount?
Yes! In the event that you are buying premium parts and the parts proportion of the cost on the pricelist are lower than what you actually pay, you can provide the higher cost when processing a broken screen claim, however you may be asked to supply a photo or copy of your suppliers invoice to prove the higher cost paid. However the labor proportion of each repair cannot be negotiated and is a set rate.

Do we need to use specific screens when repairing broken screen claims?
No you do not particularly need to source the parts through us, you can use the same screens that you use for your regular retail clients, the repair itself is a reflection on your business and customers have the right to use your services or go to an alternative offering, Warranty life simply offer the payment for the repair. However it is in your business’s best interest to ensure the highest quality parts are used and the end to end experience is excellent.

What happens if I service a claim and the screen we install is faulty?
Any parts installed by your repair centre should be covered under your regular warranty policy.

How is fraud prevented?
Fraud prevention is a critical element to the program, each retail package has its own unique code which the customer registers within the App. The registration App can only be registered for one IMEI and during the registration process the customer will provide a photo of the device along with the IMEI and unique code. There are also many confidential measures in place to weed out any fraud within dealers.

What happens if a dealer is caught defrauding the program?
Any dealer caught defrauding the program will be immediately removed and legal action will be taken against them.
Remember there are thousands of repair stores using this program worldwide and the there are state of the art fraud prevention techniques in place which can analyse certain dealer and customer purchase and claim behaviours to highlight potential issues.

What do we do once a customer comes in with a repair claim under the Titanium Armor Guarantee

When a customer happens to break their screen and would like to utilise the guarantee please login to your Warranty Life account and follow the claims process in the below youtube video.

It is important that you check the customers claim is valid and approved before proceeding with a repair.

For any questions regarding creating a claim please feel free to contact us for support.

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